Thursday, August 21, 2014

Dryad Tea Review

I'm going over all the business cards that I collected at Gen Con 2014. I prefer not to waste people's time, and only take cards from vendors i'm interested in.  

Part 1 

      Dryad Tea The Dryad Tea booth was swamped with customers when I went by. They had a wide verity of unique loose leaf tea that look and smell fantastic. The service was great, and the staff was helpful. Dryad Tea was founded in 2012, and all of their teas are based off of music or fairy folklore. Pictured below is Blueberry Imp, describe on their site as "Wild, bright blueberry in every flavor. This tea is blueberry to its very base, delightful either hot or cold not much sweetener is required to get the best taste out of this tea. "
Prices start at $2.50 for a sample, and go up to $50/75 for a custom blend. You can also join their tea of the month club, and receive 2 1 oz packages. You can also become a patron, which I can only describe as being a monthly subscription based version of Kickstarter.

 You can find them online at:

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Stay tuned for my post about Chromancer, a browser-based, adaptive strategy collectible card game. I met the Chromancer team at Gen Con Indy, and also had backed it as a Kickstarter.